Why You Should Not Trust All Free VPNs

If you are ever looking for a way to get around geo-restricted content, get through the great firewall of China or simply enjoy private browsing you may well have heard about VPNs (virtual private networks).

These will allow you to mask your current IP address and give you the anonymity that you have been craving when surfing the internet.

However, while there are plenty of free VPNs available that you can use, not all of these are going to offer you the level of protection that you might have hoped for. Furthermore, when something is offered for free, there is a good chance that they are getting something else out of the whole arrangement.

All of your traffic will be going through their servers and there is nothing to stop them from collecting data, passwords and other sensitive information that you were initially trying to keep completely private.

Not only that but many free VPNs will not give you much data each month. Some let you use as little as 500mb per month which is not even enough to watch or download a movie. So, unless you plan to surf the web only, you are going to chew through that data within a matter of hours.

Not All Free VPN Providers are Bad

None of the above is to suggest that you should avoid all VPN gratis as there are actually a few good ones that you can use. These have a good reputation and offer you some good limits in terms of the usage and speeds you can take advantage of.

Tunnelbear and Windscribe are two such VPNs that have a good free version that you can use. Your usage will be limited and you will not get the full selection of servers that paid users can but you will get a good basic VPN service to use.

In fact, when you consider how cheap a good VPN is it would be crazy not to get the full protection and unlimited data that they can offer. Many of the best VPNs cost less than $30 a year which works out at less than $3 a month and for that, you will get full unlimited usage as well as many features that are not available on the free versions.

Increased security, more servers to choose from and faster speeds are just some of the other benefits you will get when switching from your VPN Italia gratis to a cheap subscription with the biggest names in the industry such as NordVPN. Just ensure you do a bit of homework on the many options you have if you do decide to get a paid subscription with a VPN provider.

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