What You can Expect from Smartclass+ by Robotel

Knowing that language subject is not that easy to learn, Robotel comes up with an online platform that is really a big help for the teachers as the students who are taking foreign language subject. This online platform is called Smartclass+. This can be used by foreign language labs, modern language labs as well as second language labs all over the world.

Why choose this language system from Robotel? First and foremost is because they have really amazing values that they are trying to impart to their clients and they are:

Reliability – You can surely rely on Smartclass+ language laboratory system as this is designed to meet the most superior standard of quality.

Usability – this language system is created with language lab solutions in mind that are intuitive and at the same time, quite simple to use. This way, anybody can benefit from their innovative digital language lab software platforms.

Value – you might think this will cost your future but that is not the case. Compared to the services and benefits this platform can generate, the cost is surprisingly pocket-friendly. That is right and to think that your teachers, as well as the students, will really have a bigger chance for smooth sailing teaching relationship!

How do Smartclass+ works and what can you expect from this system?

  • When it comes to this type of subject, practice plays a big role in sharpening the skills of the students. That said, teachers will have them in pairs or in a small group where they can practice talking to each other. This way, every student will really have the chance to practice and talk.
  • There is also a live testing where the teachers will be the one to control the recorders and the students need to respond in unison.
  • The teachers can also launch a self-study so that the students can continue learning even when in their home and he will do it at his own pace.
  • There is also a chance for the teachers to do presentations for new concepts. They only need to broadcast their sound as well as their computer screen. They can also ask a model student to do the presentation instead.

Indeed Robotel has come up with a concept without faults. This is something that must be utilized by every university and college. It is actually a good thing something like this is now made available.

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