What is the Importance of Traffic Monitoring Cameras?

As many drivers drive while on the phone, which renders it one of the most common causes of traffic accidents. It can be quite frustrating to end up in an accident as it is followed by damage to property, headaches of insurance claims, loss or work etc. But these drivers can prove themselves innocent with the help of Evidence Camera like traffic monitoring camera. These cameras can help in proving that the fault was something else when the accident took place. It also helps in bringing down the insurance rates. This article proves why traffic monitoring cameras are important.

  1. Avoiding a dangerous accident

No matter how stringent you make the safety protocols, accidents are still bound to happen. In the recent times, lethal accidents have been increasing by 5 percent on an annual basis. Many professionals blame the mobile device use while driving. Certainly, using traffic monitoring cameras are deemed controversial, they are also deemed deterrent to lethal crashes. When drivers are aware of the monitoring cameras being installed, they are less likely to break the driving laws. Traffic cameras assist in keeping the drivers and pedestrians safe. And if you are not involved in a deadly accident, these cameras also help in recording the footage and supporting your case. When you put the traffic footage in the right hands, it can be beneficial for many drivers personally.

  1. Valuable proof

The video footage may stand up stronger than a picture that states a thousand words. When you have a traffic monitoring proof in the hands of a personal injury attorney, you may significantly chance the result of your accident case. No matter if you are dealing with insurance companies or other drivers, you can use this very video proof in order to prove you were not at fault. Anyone who has dealt with a legal case is aware that it is hard to prove you are innocent. Insurance companies are equipped with teams of lawyers and access to data that is beyond the hands of the average driver.

  1. Challenge that rate hike

The worst part of this snafus is expensive insurance hike. You undergo the stress of getting your car fixed just to end up with a huge insurance bill. Insurance companies tend to become notorious after accidents for rate hikes. This doesn’t entail not-at-fault accidents. With the help of traffic monitoring cameras to dispute, you can cut down that frustrating rate hike. Many insurance companies usually charge 16 percent on your insurance premium, no matter if you are at fault or not. As a matter of fact, if you aren’t at fault, you should go through the other driver’s insurance completely.

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