What are the Benefits of Lodgify over Airbnb?

There is little point in directly pairing Lodgify and Airbnb as they are completely different monsters even though they work in the same industry.

As you will know, Lodgify is vacation rental software that you can use to help provide enhanced online presence and have direct bookings and payments made through your website. Airbnb, on the other hand, is a distribution channel that will allow you to showcase your vacation rental properties for people searching for them in your area.

The two of them are very respectful of the work either perform and they actually work closely together when your Lodgify listings are placed on the Airbnb site. Despite this mutual respect and the fact that they are different animals, using Lodgify does come with benefits that you will not get on Airbnb.

  • You Have a Direct Line to Customers

While you will be connected with plenty of potential customers on Airbnb and other similar platforms, there is nothing quite like having your very own platform that gives your customers direct access to you and your portfolio of properties. They can even use your Lodgify website to check the availability of your properties, book for the dates that they wish and pay you directly.

  • You Can Have a Centralized Location for All Rental Properties

If you have a healthy little portfolio of properties you can manage them all from the same place. Lodgify also allows you to accept payments and bookings vis your site as well. This means no middlemen at Airbnb or wherever – direct money for your business.

  • Reviews From Different Channels Can be Kept Here Too

What you can also do with your centralized website is share the many reviews and feedback that you have received from your clients from other platforms. This not only gives your website and business a more professional look but allows your potential customers to learn everything that they need from a single place.

  • Cheaper in the Long Run

Airbnb will rightly charge fees for the service that they give you, after all, they are a business too. However, while we are not suggesting you should abandon the custom that they can bring you, Lodgify will actually cost you less in the long run and give you a solid platform that you can build and nurture for as long as you run your vacation rental business.

While brings you these benefits, the best idea would be to use both platforms if you wanted to turn vacation rental business into a success. Between the two of them, you will be able to get the exposure that your business and properties needs and the customers that come with that exposure.


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