Signs Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working

Search engine optimization is the foundation by which the majority of marketing strategies are built. If your search engine optimization strategy is failing, it’s likely that your digital marketing efforts are following suite. Luckily, there are plenty of signs that can help you catch a decline before it’s too late to recover.

Here are the most common signs that it’s time to revisit your search engine optimization strategy.

Your organic traffic is steadily declining.

Take a look at the last 6 months. Are you noticing a trend moving down? If so, it’s not just the weather. Inspect your search engine optimization strategy and make adjustments. Head on over to Google Analytics and see exactly when traffic starting to decline. Make note of the time periods when you experienced ‘hard falls’. Look back through your marketing strategy and see what you were doing that time period in terms of SEO strategy. Did you make any changes?

If not, it’s likely that faulty ranking tactics have gotten you in the place that you’re in. If you have made changes:

  1. Make a list of what changes you made.
  2. Check Search Engine Journal for any suspected Google updates.
  3. See if you did something Google didn’t like, your users didn’t like, or both.
  4. Adjust accordingly.

Your ranking for keywords that don’t describe your product or service.

Why is your pet supply store showing up as a place to purchase kittens? Though this may seem like a big win for your organic keyword rankings, it’s not. After all, you don’t sell kittens. You just sell brushes to help take care of them.

User intent is important. With Google’s recent updates, it’s more important than ever. You cannot treat the SERP like the game. It’s not. You need to take a look at your keyword planner and overall SEO strategy and ask: Did I make this planner because it was the easiest options or did I make this with my user’s search queries in mind?

If you’re not sure how to do this or this entire article is quickly going over your head, make sure you work with the best seo services to save your sinking ship.

You’re using thin, cheap, or otherwise bad content.

Content is king. So don’t treat it like a peasant. Don’t buy cheap five dollar articles off of the internet hoping to grow a real following. People may not read as much as they used to but when they do, they read with a magnifying close and a judging eye. On the flip side, all of those people may not be reading your content because it’s bad.

You don’t have to learn about SEO to write amazing content. You just have to genuinely help people find the information they need to make a decision. Put yourself in the shoes of the writer. What questions do you have when looking for pet products to add to your inventory at the pet supply store? Consider writing on these topics with your own expertise- instead of paying someone on the internet to fake it.

You don’t have any (good) backlinks.

Consider backlinks the democratic process by which your site is deemed worthy of the number one position. If you don’t have a lot of votes, you’re not going to get the ranking you’re looking for. In the same light, if you’re only getting endorsements from websites that are considered spammy and lack traffic- you’re going to see much of the same on your website.

Work with publications in your niche that offer value to your readers as well. They don’t have to be direct competitors, but they should be websites that are in the same industry as you. Ask them if you can write something for their blog in exchange for a link.


Stay on top of your SEO strategy. Make sure that you’ve set some metrics and that you’re checking them regularly. If you allow a bad strategy to bring down your entire online strategy, you’re going to regret it. When metrics start to move in a downward trend, take an objective look at your website and see what you need to change. Read blogs, ask fellow marketers, and most importantly: Never assume that your rankings and traffic will recover on their own.

Other than what we’ve mentioned, what signs tell you that it’s time to readjust your SEO strategy? Tell us your story in the comments.

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