Is University Education Enough To Land A Digital Marketing Job In Singapore?

People in the previous century used to believe that formal University education was the only way to get a job that could fetch you good money for the rest of life. It might be true for them as the nature of jobs was different back then. Today, if you check out the kind of jobs that are available in Singapore, you’ll find out that university education isn’t necessary at all. Nowadays, all you need is the skills and experience to land a good job. Take the example of digital jobs Singapore and the minimum requirements they all have. If you go through the job description of such jobs, you can find out that they don’t need a college education. Their main criteria are relevant skills and experience.

So, no matter how much education you have, as long as you are ready to hustle and learn new digital marketing skills, no one can stop you from getting your dream job. Start with learning any digital marketing related skill from Google and YouTube, and then build a portfolio in order to land your first dream digital marketing job in Singapore.

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