How Do You Know a Good Quality Backlink?

You might be wondering how to know the quality of your backlink, firstly there’s no static way of determining quality backlinks but with some tips and aids you will enable to determine your backlink quality. Some of these tips include;

  1. A quality backlink would be placed editorially within the content, not at the footer or the sidebar. If website owners can refer to your page on their own, it increases your confidence and bragging rights. It boosts public confidence and increases your ranking.
  2. The authority of the linking page or website also plays a major role in determining the backlink quality. Links from high-quality domains have more quality than links from low-quality domain.
  3. The number of outgoing links a website already has is also an indicator of link quality. A backlink from a website with many outgoing links will have lesser quality compared to a backlink from a website with lesser outgoing links.
  4. Anchor text is also a vital indicator of backlink quality. Research shows that the relevancy and quality of a backlink are influenced by anchor text. Search engines need to use the right keywords. The anchor texts should be relevant to the topic.
  5. Social sharing tells significantly on the quality of backlinks. Does the page where you have backlinks have shares on social media? Social share is an important metric for accessing backlink quality. The users that share that page are likely to visit your site. Through social shares conversion rate is increased.
  6. Your backlinks should be natural. Using artificial ways to form backlinks will reduce its quality. Backlinks from natural sources are of more quality.
  7. Quality backlinks are identified with multiple referring domains as possible. So to determine the quality of a backlink, check the domains it is referred to.

For a comprehensive backlink assessment, I advise you to use these tips mentioned above. Identify multiple linking domains as possible. Your anchor texts should be optimized. Make sure your backlinks look natural on each page where you have them and monitor the social shares. Note that these links come from various sites which are related to yours, so they are not harmful to your SEO. The more votes your site gets shows that it is more reliable and trustworthy. This will rank you higher in search engines.

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