How Article Marketing and Internet Marketing go Hand in Hand

Article marketing and internet marketing are not one and the same. Internet marketing is the broad concept that encompasses quite a few concepts within the it. Article marketing is just one of the many facets of web promotion. No internet marketing campaign is complete without some form of article marketing, the two just go hand in hand. Using articles as a means to market yourself or a product or service is a vital component of any complete internet marketing solution.

There are many ways you can use in an effort to get your name noticed. The problem for most (myself included) is that many of the available forms of marketing online require you to spend money. After all, advertising, for the most part, isn’t free. Advertising with articles, on the other hand, is generally free. People have been using this unique form of marketing for quite some time, long before ecommerce became the big thing. When speaking of ecommerce and internet marketing, article marketing is one of the best ways of getting your information out there and creating back links to your site, blog, or affiliate products.

With article marketing comes quite a few benefits you’d be wise to consider:

Marketing with article will create very powerful links that point back to your site, blog or the sales pages of your affiliate products and the more of these links you have pointing back, the higher your Google search engine listing.

This will enable you to establish yourself as an expert by providing value in the articles you create. When people know they can trust you, they will continue to keep coming back.

Adding a resource box or by-line, you give your readers a way they can contact you. In addition to creating backlinks, this can also drive additional traffic you’d not normally get.

By optimizing your articles for the search engines, you will improve your traffic and your page rank when submitting to directories with high page rank

For just these reasons, it is important that this type of marketing be an integral part of your internet marketing plan. Admittedly, there are quite a few of different ways to market your site but one of the most powerful is to provide valuable content with a clear call to action to encourage your readers to visit your site, blog or affiliate site for more information.

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