Get complete information on crypto portfolio tracker

A crypto tracker is a must-have application for the crypto investors who deal with cryptocurrencies all throughout the day. There are different parameters to deal with cryptocurrencies and it becomes quite tiresome and tedious to check the different applications and websites when you want to know the market prices of cryptocurrencies. When you hold several cryptocurrencies, you will want to keep track of the records at a single place.  Portfolio trackers serve different purposes. They help crypto traders manage and record their frequent buys and sales on several exchanges in a single portfolio. They also help enthusiasts to monitor cryptocurrency prices with volume and performance charts.

Most of the price trackers provide live as well as delayed price data for the largest exchanges. Apart from tracking bitcoin, they track litecoin, ethereum, and altcoins. You can import trades from exchanges directly or you can manage your crypto portfolio manually by inserting individual transactions. A few portfolio tracker apps offer tax management tools. It is a wanted analysis apart from value charts and portfolio performance. The cryptocurrency dashboards show the latest coin prices and also the newest returns. A clean interface is a standard one amongst the tracker apps and it is accessible for free.

Cryptocurrency tracking tools

Performance tracking- It follows your day-to-day and overall crypto portfolio performance. It keeps track of the market values and cost.

Portfolio graphs- The charts help you to track the daily performance and value of your portfolio.

Portfolio alerts- You can set up price alerts for cryptocurrencies. You may receive them as a push or an email notification and also set up various price limits for a portfolio.

Transaction management- You can manage individual sell and buy transactions. You can enter the commission price, coin amount, and notes for every portfolio item. You can edit as well as remove the individual trades.

Cryptocurrency price tracker- You can monitor cryptocurrency as a watchlist compared to a complete portfolio. If you exclude transaction information, a portfolio becomes a watchlist and it can track recent events and price performance.

Cash tracking- You can manage cash by adding withdrawal and deposit transactions. You can set a cryptocurrency sell or purchase that can reflect the total cash balance.

Portfolio visualizations- You can get a quick view of the crypto market and portfolio performance by accessing a heat map view.

Advanced data tracking- You can open portfolio in a cryptocurrency screen view to gather information on fundamental and technical metrics. You may open separate cryptocurrencies to have in-depth information.

Mobile cryptocurrency tracker

If you are searching for a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app then use on your tablet, phone or on your computer. You can get price alerts for the portfolio cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency news is also a part of this portfolio. You can interact and watch the advanced technical indicators in the charts. You can also explore the performance of the complete cryptocurrency market. You can also screen for the best ones that you can invest. You can also view your entire cryptocurrency portfolio by zooming in or zooming out the map.

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