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Dedicated Hosting: When Should You Go for It

One of the most perplexing questions faced by young developers and budding businesses running WordPress sites is when to make a move towards dedicated WordPress hosting. Initially, it is best to opt for a shared hosting plan, as you might be juggling with a tight budget. But as the traffic to your website grows, you will require something more robust to maintain your site’s performance.

If with the growth, you are facing issues such as increased load time, security concerns, and others, it is time for you to consider opting for a dedicated server in India.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

A website should be hosted on an internet server for making it accessible to the common user. When all the resources of a single server are allotted to host just one website, it is called dedicated server. It is one of the three main types of hosting services available today.

When is Dedicated Hosting Required?

To determine the need to switch to dedicated hosting for your website, you must consider the following three points.

  • Increase in website load time: No one likes to wait for anything, much less a website, in this fast-paced world. You may lose over 50% of your visitors if the website load time is more than 3 seconds. Plus, it does not bode well for your SEO rankings. The slowing down maybe because you’re hosting plan is no longer able to take the load of traffic. This could happen when you have a shared hosting or VPS plan. It is now time to upgrade yourself to WordPress hosting services.
  • Security risks: Although security is required for any kind of website, it is extremely crucial for e-commerce websites that hold sensitive consumer data. It is important to then safeguard your website from any external attacks such as malware, viruses, or hacks. Having a dedicated server puts you in complete control of your website’s security features. You can customize them to fit your requirements. Some service providers offer plans wherein they manage your server for you at a fixed price.
  • Unlimited storage: Small websites and blogs do not require a whole lot of storage space as they have very few pages and content anyway. However, as your website gains popularity, there is an increase in your offering, and simultaneously in the number of pages and the content you put up. This will put you in need of storage space beyond the offerings of a shared or VPS plan. Your next right move will then be to opt for dedicated WordPress hosting services for your website.

To reiterate, if your website is throwing up issues now and then that is due to the amount of traffic coming on to it, then it is time to make the switch. Research the Internet to find customized plans that suit your current and future requirements.

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