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 Google Search With Popular Head and Long Tail Refinement (Pareto Distribution)


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SearchTheWeb2: Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, SearchTheWeb2 specializes in technology integration and online marketing. Powered by Google, www.searchtheweb2.com lets its users narrow the search using either popular keywords (Popular Head) or obscure terms (Long Tail) that overlay on Google search results so that they can be guided to search faster and get more relevant results.

The queries that people use daily to search online are normally followed the frequencies of words used (a few words are used often, lots of words are used infrequently). This query distribution is approximately governed by Power law with Pareto distribution. If a query is of two or three word long, it produces a series of relevant keywords with a head and a "the long tail". The head contains several popular terms while the long tail consists of many obscure keywords or longer phrases.

Popular Head and "The Long Tail" For Search Engine

For example, “search engine” query produces a list of over 200 relevant queries ranging from general terms such as “search engine marketing”, “search engine optimization”, “search engine ranking” in the popular head to more specific terms such as “pay per click search engines”, “music search engines”, “people search engine” in the long tail. However, some queries that are specific enough or not popular, have a head without tail or just a short tail. In these cases, the long tail will be generated under "more queries to consider", instead.  

SearchTheWeb2.com is not only helpful and convenient to many normal search engine users but also to search engine marketers, optimizers, and site owners.

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You Said It.

Top 100+ Search Engines (January 02, 2007).

A list of the Top 100+ Search Engines of 2007, graciously compiled by SEO Charles Knight, with some editorial tinkering. 


The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines


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From YouVox (translated)

... those who want to develop more powerful search engines. The majority are based on techniques of artificial intelligence which would enable them to select the documents according to their direction and the meanings of the finding words. It is the case of Powerset, Hakia and Snap.  The project explanation for Powerset can be found here. In this article, Barney Pell, one of the founders of Powerset, underlines the ambiguity of the interrogations that one to realize on the current search engines which do not take into account of the stopwords such as “about”, “by”, “for”, “on”… It takes the example of an interrogation with the two words “books” and “children” who might want to say: “books for children”, “children's books” or “books on children”.

Others try the adventure by being based on our collective intelligence, like SearchTheWeb2, a Canadian company which exploits the interrogations of the Net surfers to accelerate a search: when a search is made, one finds on the screen the Google  results plus a list of relevant search queries. The list was generated by other Net surfers and dynamically extracted from Google database. The intend of this list, according to the originators of this product, is to improve the performances of search (with the difference with other engines, they are not satisfied only to supply us the most popular, but also give us the rarest). If one takes again the example of Barney Pell, one finds well in the list of the proposals: “books on children” and “books for children” with a classification different from the answers. ...

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