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10 Reasons Why User's Avoid Shopping Online

Have you purchased any product online ? I love online shopping because it is a great experience as you will get number of surprises while you shop online. You don’t have to bargain while online shopping that’s because the a price of the products is cheaper than your expectation.

I am a shopaholic and I generally buy my products from a Local Street to an online store hence I call myself as a compulsive buyer and have a good experience on chatbot technology. Just a couple of days ago I bought myself a headphone through online shopping. The website from where I bought the headphone was a new experience for me hence I was pretty uncomfortable while shopping but by spending a little more time on it I went ahead and bought it.

The confusion’s which I have shared here is typical from the customer’s point of view and hence I decided to clarify the confusions by way of an article and share it with other online shoppers and business owners as they will also familiarize themselves about the precision of online shopping.

Below mentioned points are elaborated :

  1. Fear of online frauds

Online fraud – This is one factor that always terrifies your customer. Customers are always concerned with their personal details and if you fail to give them the trust of security then it’s all over.

  1. Wish to touch the Product

The human mind is always set to this concept of “Seeing is beleiving “. It means they feel the need to touch the product, get the feel and only then buy the product but in a virtual world you don’t have such a facility. Sometimes because of this a customer might avoid online shopping.

  1. Website is not authenticated

In reality if you don’t believe in a person then will you befriend him? Similarly, a customer will never shop from a website where they feel insecurity. Remember, ecommerce is all about security and trust and if you have it then let it be visible on your website.

  1. Not Locating their desired payment option

Sometimes customers want to buy the product and they will do all the procedures to check out but when they reach the payment page they will change their mind. Why does it happen; because they cannot find their desired payment option.

If a customer wants to buy the product through a credit card but you don’t provide the facility of credit card transaction, it will frustrate them and they would have no option but to quite, never to return.

  1. Website is not well structured

This is the most important part of any ecommerce website and this falls under the website owner’s custody . If the customers are not able to find the exact product on your website then they will get frustrated and quit the website.

  1. Shipping charges

Shipping charges will convert the customer into a shop buyer from online shopping. In the offline shopping they don’t have to pay anything in terms of product delivery and this is the part which they avoid from online shopping.

  1. Don’t believe in product authenticity

In an online shopping, products are cheaper than local market hence it is obvious that the the customer’s mind will have a lot of apprehensions about the product such as, How is this possible? How can they afford these products for this price? Whether the product is original and would it last longer? Such questions will arise while online shopping and if they wouldn’t get convincing answers of these questions then they will not take a risk of shopping.

  1. Product delivery fear

A big obstacle in the online shopping is that the customer has to pay first then the product will be delivered. At this point, customers wonders that if they pay the amount in advance but what if the product won’t be delivered within the time frame. This fear will discourage them further from online shopping and hence they will end up buying from the local mall.

  1. Never tried online shopping

There are many internet users who haven’t tried their hands on online shopping yet. They don’t have a reason for not shopping online as they may not be comfortable with it and hence they don’t want to try it.

  1. Going for shopping is a fun! 🙂

The female gender genrally loves to go out shopping and while shopping they will also expect a lot of fun but while online shopping this fun is not available and hence this is another reason reason to avoiding online shopping.

Finally, I have figured out there if you are in an ecommerce business and want to know the reasons of why the users avoid online shopping then you need to think from the customer’s point of view and create a wonderful ecommerce webite experience.

Well, its time to don your thinking cap and share other reasons than the one mentioned here to enable designers create a great and wonderful ecommerce experience.

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